How often should I have my piano tuned?

I am often asked by many people, “How often should I have my piano tuned?”. Generally I would prefer that people can actually hear when it is out and call me then. That’s not always possible though. Many people tell me that they just cannot hear the difference. Invariably, everyone can hear the difference right after the piano has been tuned. I often get the look that says; “I didn’t know what I was missing!” With regard to that scenario, it is best to have your piano tuned every year. Many manufacturer’s will recommend several times a year but that is only indicated for new or like new pianos. As pianos age the settling occurred long ago and the piano is usually pretty stable. If you can’t tell, I would suggest defaulting to the every year recommendation. Please make sure that your piano is kept in a stable environment both temperature and humidity wise as this will aid in keeping the piano in tune longer and will also help to prevent things like cracked soundboards and sticking keys.

What is Voicing and why might I need it?

Unlock the transformative power of piano voicing, tailored to your preferences and bringing out the best in your instrument for a truly unique and captivating playing experience. Discover the art of nuanced tones, proper hammer-string mating, and regulation, and let a skilled voicer breathe new life into your piano.

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When and how often should I tune my piano?

Discover the factors influencing piano tuning and gain insights on how to determine when it’s time for a tuning. Structural issues, environmental changes, and playing style all play a role in the frequency of tunings. Trust your ears or use a tuning app to ensure your piano’s optimal performance.

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