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Discover a wide selection of high-quality pianos and essential equipment for all your musical needs. Whether you’re a professional pianist, music enthusiast, or just starting your musical journey, we have the perfect instruments and accessories for you. From grand pianos to digital keyboards, and from piano benches to sheet music stands, explore our extensive inventory. Each item is carefully curated to ensure exceptional sound, performance, and durability. Find your musical companion today and elevate your playing experience with our top-notch pianos and equipment.

Kimball Console


This piano is a good workhorse practice instrument. Suitable for the beginner as well as the intermediate player and made for a lifetime of service. We have been all through this piano and there are no flaws that would deter someone from adding this piece to their family. You’ll be happy with this purchase for many years to come.

Kimball Studio Upright


This piano is of the size of what we typically recommend most for uprights. It’s not a full sized upright as they are mostly too old and beyond economical repair. This is the next step down at around 45″ tall. It has full length keys and full sized action parts. This has a well preserved cabinet that will add beauty to any decor.

Steinway Console Model F


We have a Steinway model F console with a serial number of 422348 which make a manufacturer date of 1970. The piano is in very good shape having had very little use with a minor circular blemish on the lid.

Settergren Baby Grand


Ivers & Pond


It is in beautiful shape and was lightly used judged by hammer impressions. It takes and holds a tune beautifully and plays nice and smooth. Many years can be expected from this piano. Ivers & Pond serial number, 111200, suggests an age of 57 years old from 1966.