Piano Redesign

Redesigning Pianos with Artistry

Unleash Piano's Artistic Transformation

Whether you want to slightly alter your piano or take it to the next level, Greg’s Piano Forte can alter the original design of your piano and make it better than the factory. A redesign is essentially a performance enhancement. We can make the soundboard more efficient, improve various stringing scales to remove sections that don’t blend well together, and even alter the general design. Other aspects of redesign might include making repetition faster by altering the action and making various elements of the piano more responsive.

You Might Want a Piano Redesign if…

  • The experience of playing on other pianos feels dramatically different
  • You notice a stark difference in tone or power between notes
  • You notice power loss in the upper end of your piano
  • You’d like your cast iron plate reconfigured (this is sometimes needed due to a rescaling, altering string diameters and lengths)
  • You’d like string rescaling
  • You’d like a bridge adjustment, needed with a rescaling but not by itself

Give us a call today and we’d be more than happy to answer any of your piano redesign questions.