Piano Refinishing

Revive Your Piano's Aesthetics

Transform Your Piano with Stunning Refinishing

Over time, a once beautiful finish can become scratched, dulled or weathered. Our extensive experience will restore your piano’s finish to its original glory. We strip the old finish and meticulously prep the surface to ensure everything is as perfect as possible before adding your desired finish. We understand that the prep work is the most important part of the process as it sets the foundation for a perfect coating. Small imperfections not addressed during the prep will jump out afterwards like a neon sign after any coating is applied.

We repair all surfaces and blend in matching color. A top coat is then applied which can be Satin, Satin Luster, Gloss or High Polish. Once all the top coats are applied, we polish to ensure evenness throughout. Our attention to detail provides your piano with a rich and deep look that allows the unique nuances of the piano’s wood to be appreciated with a beautiful and lashing finish.