Piano Tuning

Maintain Your Piano's Melody

Precision Tuning for Perfect Harmony

Tuning can make the difference in the sound of the piano. Temperature changes and humidity can impact the sound of your instrument. Due to seasonal changes in Northeast Ohio, piano tunings are recommended every six months.

Tuning can be customized to the type of music and style performed by the pianist. We can apply different temperaments to your piano that alter the spacing of the notes to best match a musical style. A simple tuning will take approximately an hour provided that the instrument has been tuned regularly. When a piano has gone a long time without attention, it may require more than one effort for the desired result. 

Greg’s Piano Forte uses a combination method of both electronics and aural efforts to give the best result possible. We make every effort to keep a piano at standard frequency or pitch where the A above middle C is equal to 440 cycles per second. There are also some cases where an instrument can be tuned to a frequency other than 440 cycles per second for the A above middle C to achieve a different sound.